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Catalyst Bead: protection from electro-pollution/electro-smog/emfs

A unique series of products which provide a high level of protection from noxious environmental energies at a low cost. We have checked many such products and have found these to be the best of their type.

See specifically info on the catalyst bead, and the mobile phone tab



How are they made?



Since time lost in the mists of antiquity, man has sought places, built structures and worn gemstones to raise his/her spiritual vibration or well being. Stone structures, circles and mounds still remain from these ancient times in many parts of the world, on ley lines (energy meridians). Most of the world’s great cathedrals have been constructed on these lines, which emit beneficial energy. Excavations of these "sacred sites" in England reveal a layering of granite and organic materials which produce a " battery effect". The ancient Sumerians produced the earliest examples of these "batteries", they understood that when gems and metals of opposing polarities are combined, strong harmonic vibrations are released, increasing "life energy". Much has been written about the great pyramid of Giza; its placement, its geometry, how it was built and the unique energies it contains. The ancient Egyptians carried the Sumerian idea one step further when they developed faience (paste). Egyptian faience when placed against crystals and gemstones doubles the energy release, faience releases no energy of its own, it is a true catalyst.


The beads and tabs are made of a quartz-like substance related to the Space Age ceramic materials used in superconductors. The substance is powdered, made into a paste with clay and rare earths added, formed and fired in a special energy field. This field realigns the molecules so that they absorb the energies that strike them and pulse them out in a beneficial form, removing environmental stresses and toxic frequencies.


What can they do?




Energizing Food: Microwave cooking and electric ranges destroy much of the food's value. Placing a plate of food over a Crystal Catalyst® Bead for 4 minutes restores the live energy to above what it was before it was cooked.

Energizing Drinks: The Crystal Catalyst® Bead restores energy to beverages as well and changes the flavor by raising the pH, making it less acidic.

Sick Animals: Attaching a Crystal Catalyst® Bead to the collar of sick, lame or upset animals may help them recover, sometimes dramatically so.

Energizing Stones & Crystals: Crystal Catalyst® Beads can be used to strengthen, clean and energize any gemstone to release its own unique energy.

(For this reason, we suggest combining the bead on a thong with a favourite crystal/gem, as each reinforces the influence of the other.)



The beads, tabs and toroids are designed to neutralize annoying radiation levels from word processors, computer screens, T.V. screens, florescent lights, telephone receivers, powerline transformers, and most electronic devices. They are neither electrical nor magnetic, but work with a different energy which does not harm electronic equipment or discs.


A number of national magazines including the NEW YORKER, FAMILY CIRCLE, READERS DIGEST, as well as such prestigious publications as THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY, and SCIENCE, have carried articles regarding the unsuspected dangers accompanying electromagnetic fields affecting the average home and business.


The fields have been indicated as a cause of increasing breast cancer in both men and women exposed to such radiations on the job.  Male electricians, welders, broadcasters, computer operators, etc., have been shown to exhibit more than twice the risk of breast cancer.  The General Council of Trade Unions of Japan surveyed 13,000 women V.D.T. (Computer) operators who worked 6 or more hours per day on a V.D.T.. and found that 63.6% had trouble with their pregnancies.  Men have also been shown to experience sexual dysfunction, and/or carcinoma of the reproductive system.


The harmful energies accompanying electromagnetic fields from powerline transformers, V.D.T.'s etc., have been shown to greatly increase the incidence of leukemia, lymphoma, and nervous system cancers, especially in children.  Children's cells multiply faster because they are growing, and mutations become obvious sooner.


A recent study of the Scripps Clinic and Research foundation in La Jolla, Calif., involving 60 insomniacs exposed to electromagnetic radiation only 20 minutes 3 times a week, found that they nodded off 52 minutes faster, and stayed asleep 1.5 hours longer, while an E.P.A. study found that people who drive to work are exposed to from 4 to 8 times more electromagnetic radiations than those who operate a computer.  Automobiles are loaded with electronics, the problem is increasing, and is a major cause of auto accidents.  Auto manufacturers are not addressing the problem.


NO.  V.D.T.s  are not subject to compulsory testing, reporting, and labeling.  The government has no standards, only voluntary guidelines.  In fact the government has no guidelines at all for the very low frequency and extremely low frequency radiations now suspected as health hazards.

There are a number of devices which have been developed to correct this problem.  The West Germans market a device about the size of a package of cigarettes.  It was developed to protect embassy workers in Russia from microwave broadcasts.  It is battery operated, and clears an area of about two feet.  This type of unit can be purchased for about $70.00. The Electronic Smog Buster Tab does not require batteries, and will clear an area of 12 - 15 feet.  They do not wear out.

Catalyst Beads, tabs, and toroids have a unique composition and structure which allows them to absorb and then rebroadcast harmful electromagnetic radiation in a cleaner form. They are dielectric resonators made from space age materials. Their molecular structure resonates to alter the frequencies of most harmful environmental radiation, causing the damaging effects to be neutralized.

These products are neither electrical nor magnetic, but have a different energy which does not harm electromagnetic equipment or discs. Beads, tabs, toroids  are designed to neutralize annoying radiation levels from word processors, computers and TV screens, florescent lights, telephone receivers, automobile electronics, power line transformers, and most electronic devices.

Beads emit diffuse energy in all directions.  Tabs, toroids, three-hole resonators and cell phone tabs emit directional energy in a triangular cone from the underside.  Place on or near what is to be cleared.  Select according to the strength required for the job - tabs for most appliances, toroids for appliances with strong or unsettling energy, cellular tabs for cellular phones.

Their effectiveness can be measured chemically, photographically, with biofeedback and muscle testing.


Remember, these products do not wear out, or require recharging.


Telephones: The telephone receiver emits a very strong South Polar magnetic energy. These harmful frequencies could be a problem to those who are prone to cancer or leukaemia. An Electronic Smog Buster® or Cell Phone/Pager Tab can reduce and balance the harmful radiations accompanying the magnetism.

Powerline Transformers: Transformers produce an elliptical field which extends out from the ground wire coming down the pole.

Microwave Broadcasts: Microwaves zip right through homes and offices in line with the dish. Place the Electronic Smog Buster® Tab on the wall toward the dish. For microwave ovens place on the top front of the appliance, in any case don’t stand near it when it is operating.

Ghostbusting: Electronic Smog Buster® Tabs have been used very effectively in the United States, England, New Zealand, Australia and Canada to clear unwanted earthbound disincarnates, mental malpractice and negative energy from old hotels, castles and homes. It isn’t necessary to sell your property.

Noxious Zones: Geopathic zones are caused by moving underground water veins and ground faults. These are common, emitting low level gamma radiation, microwaves and a weak magnetic field.  

Crystal Catalyst dielectric resonators are designed to make your computer video display and other electronic equipment user friendly.  They are available in 3 basic and inexpensive forms:


The Catalyst Bead

The Electronic Smog Buster Tab, and the Toroid, or loop shape.  The Tab and Toroid have an adhesive backing so they can be attached to the computer video display (V.D.T.), the T.V., florescent light fixtures, the back side of telephone earpiece, or other sources of normal electronic pollution. Since they emit most of their energy from the adhesive side in a broad fan-shaped manner, this side should be directed toward the radiations you wish to alter.  We suggest mounting them on the top front of the V.D.T. cabinet the side centre of the cabinet toward the front or the front centre underside of the cabinet where shape permits.

Tab, or Toroid

These are two different forms of the same thing.  The Tab is a flat oval with an oak leaf imprint. The Toroid is a loop shape in tab form. Some prefer one, and some the other, but both function well.

The Catalyst Bead, Tab and Toroid have been on the market since 1985, and are in use in the United States and many foreign countries.  They function by first absorbing and then rebroadcasting in a different form, the energies that strike them. 

 The harmful energies which accompany E.M.R radiations can be compared to logs floating in a river, or crocodiles in a swamp of radiations.  The Electronic Smog Busters are designed to help clear the accompanying radiations and remove the Techno-stress. 



The Electronic Smog Busters are composed of a space-age ceramic material much like that used in super conductors.  While they are reasonably attractive, they are designed to function.  The frills and expensive packaging have been left off for the sake of those who just want something that works without the added expense of impressive presentation.

Crystal Catalyst is an Advanced Ceramic Dielectric material, the most powerful ever developed.  It absorbs harmful energies and discharges them in a beneficial rate.


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